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17 Of The Best Things Lorelai Ever Taught Rory On “Gilmore Girls”

"If you're going to throw your life away, he'd better have a motorcycle."

1. She taught Rory that the heart wants what it wants.

2. And that if you're gonna go after a bad boy, make sure he's worth it.

3. She taught her to always think outside the box...

4. ...that revenge is best served with deviled eggs...

5. ...and that the essence of a vegetable is still a vegetable, duh.

6. She taught her that "moron" is the language your heart speaks.

7. And that rough patches come and go — it's just a way of life.

8. She taught her that wallowing is an extremely important part of any breakup.

9. And that being self-obsessed doesn't look good on anyone.

10. She taught her the importance of giving your body rest.

11. And that Saturday mornings are a sacred time.

12. She taught her not to go to a movie empty-handed.

13. And that cake trumps all.

14. She taught her that it's OK to be less than perfect every now and then.

15. And that it's important to cross her legs.

16. And, finally, she taught her to always find the humor in life...

17. Because it's just so much sweeter when you can let your goofy side shine.

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