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    Posted on Jun 23, 2017

    This Is For Everyone Who Knows There's No Greater Feeling Than Finding A Bonus Fry

    *sob* thank you, bonus fry *sob*

    On the count of three, let's all say what the best feeling in the entire world is.


    Omg, to all of you who said sex or popping pimples or taking off your bra, you are wrong. We are here to talk about one thing and one thing only: THE WONDERFUL SENSATION OF FINDING AN EXTRA FRY AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BAG.

    Bliznetsov / Siraphol / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Because it is truly a gift from above.

    I mean, just picture this: You've had a really tough day, and so you've rewarded yourself with some french fries. 10 minutes later, you've eaten all of your fries, and, honestly, you feel worse about life because your happiness was fleeting.

    BUT, WAIT A SECOND. The sun hits your bag and for a second you see something gold at the bottom. Your heart stops because it can only mean one thing: THERE IS A BONUS FRY. YOU HAVE BEEN GRACED WITH A BONUS FRY.

    When you're done crying tears of joy, you jump on your feet and let everyone know what magic has happened to you.

    Me whenever I find bonus french fry at the bottom of my McDonald's bag:

    And then your life flashes before your eyes and you realize that you deserve more from this world and the world deserves more from you.

    You promise yourself that you will strive to be a better human being because you want to make sure that other people will get to feel the way you feel right now.

    And so, finally, you think to yourself, "Man, this world would be such a better place if every moment was like this one."

    OK, that's it, folks. Next week let's gather around and talk about the similar (but very different) feeling of finding a fry when you didn't even order any.

    h/t Twitter Moments for the fry-spiration.

    (Fry-spiration should be read as fry+inspiration, not fry+perspiration. But wouldn't it be kinda funny if we sweated fries? Idk, just a thought.)