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    23 School Cafeteria Lunches From Your Childhood That You’re Probably Never Going To Eat Again

    Rectangle. Pizza.


    2. But let's mostly just talk about the chocolate milk.

    3. Ugh, look at these glorious chicken nuggets and tenders covered in way too much pepper.

    4. Omg, that foil is bringing back so many memories.

    5. I know I shouldn't want this rectangle pizza, but I really, really want it.

    6. Gotta love a meal that is 100% tan.

    7. And this garlic bread that is being served as an entrée.

    8. Honestly, schools loved feeding us all types of bread.

    9. Raise your hand if you can remember the taste of this spaghetti just by looking at it.

    Courtesy of Arden Newman / Via

    10. Just look at this nacho lunch! Liquid gold!

    11. Ahh, kind-of-mushy crinkle-cut fries for the win.

    12. And what about chalupa day?

    13. And, of course, burrito day.

    Courtesy of Arden Newman / Via

    14. Salad, for health.

    15. Baby carrots! Apples! Oranges!

    16. Those ranch packets, though.

    Courtesy of Arden Newman / Via

    17. Decisions, decisions.

    18. Remember accidentally losing your breakfast ticket?

    Alonzo / Via Flickr: alonzo

    19. And you need your breakfast ticket so you can get french toast sticks you dip in syrup.

    20. Who else had a Green Eggs and Ham day?

    21. Oh, and don't forget this iconic dessert.

    Cedar Crest / Via

    22. It came in chocolate and strawberry, too.

    23. And finally, the treat we all hoped and prayed for.