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Here's Why You Get All Red When You Have Sex

Caught red chested.

So you're having sex and all is great...

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And then you or your partner realizes that you're super red and flushed.

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That's a sex flush, and it's totally normal and common.

Sex flush is a reddening of the skin on your chest, face, or stomach that's caused by arousal or orgasm.

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When you're having sex, there's increased blood flow to the genitals and other parts of your body, Dr. Lauren Streicher, associate clinical professor of OB-GYN at Northwestern University and author of Sex Rx, tells BuzzFeed Life. That increased blood flow causes your blood vessels to dilate, which leads to flushing.

And by sex, we mean any kind of sexual contact that turns you on or makes you orgasm, because that's what gets your blood flowing.

It's a lot like getting red when you work out. / Via

The blood is flowing through the capillaries in an effort to release the heat and cool you down, Dr. Michele Green, NY-based dermatologist, tells BuzzFeed Life.

These physiological changes actually happen to everybody, but not everyone reports lots of redness.

You're more likely to notice it if you have fairer skin or if you tend to get flushed easily.

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If you tend to get red when you're embarrassed, anxious, or exercising, you're probably all too familiar with sex flush. That's because your blood vessels may be closer to the surface of the skin, says Streicher, which would make you more prone to all kinds of blushing. It's also more common in people with pale skin or those who have rosacea, says Green.

But it's nothing to worry about — it's completely harmless and will go away in a bit. / Via

So just carry on with the sex, and don't worry about all that mood ring realness happening on your skin.

  1. So, do you get sex flush?

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So, do you get sex flush?
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