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    23 PMS Hacks That Just Might Actually Work

    Your fellow bleeders came through for you.

    PMS blows. So we asked the BuzzFeed Community what actually helps their period and PMS symptoms. Here's what they had to say:

    E! / Via Twitter: @lovinithes

    Editor's note: Always talk to your doctor about your symptoms and any medications you're taking. The following is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice; these are just suggestions that worked for our readers.

    1. Fight cramps with orgasms.

    2. Describe the current state of your uterus in graphic detail.

    Casey Gueren

    "Nothing like good ole period 'one upper' stories to help you commiserate together. Always have a best friend who will come over with wine and chocolate immediately when you tell her you feel like your uterus is falling out and your vagina has been punched."

    —Andrea Murdock, Facebook

    3. Lie on this cool massage mat.

    "I live by my Spoonk Mat! It takes a bit of time to get used to it, but now I will chew your face off if you even think of taking it from me. It not only helps me with my menstrual back cramps, but also with sore muscles."

    —Melissa Pavlica, Facebook

    4. Shove some hand warmers in your pants.

    Instagram: @elizabethwyang / Via

    "If I get cramps but I gotta go out and do things (you know, life and all that), I get one of the small hand-warming packets for putting in ski mitts and whatnot and stick it in the waistband of my pants. It's like a mini, secret heating pad."

    —Kimberley Craig, Facebook

    5. Brew some delicious raspberry tea.

    Instagram: @c.lynch90 / Via

    "It helps with the cramps and actually tastes good."

    —Hallie Colson, Facebook

    6. Or, if you're feeling crazy, add a shot of whiskey to your tea.

    Instagram: @elliephant_v_pierce / Via

    "It dulls the pain of your menstrual cramps."

    —Trisha Kay, Facebook

    7. Consider going on birth control to rein in all that awfulness each month.

    Monik Markus / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 42954113@N00

    "I've been on birth control since I was a teenager because I had awful periods. Like no appetite, horrible cramps, dizzy, passing out awful. Birth control helps a lot, but I still get pretty awful cramps.

    "If you're thinking of going on birth control for your period, just know that it can take a while to find one that works sometimes. I think I must have tried about four kinds before I found the one I'm on now, so don't get discouraged if the first one you try doesn't help much, just tell your gynecologist about it and they'll help you find one that works better!"

    —Felicia-Marie Gauthier, Facebook

    8. Try a yoga routine specifically designed to calm your uterus.

    "There is this yoga video called Yoga for Women-Yoga for Cramps and PMS by Yoga With Adriene that I do every time my cramps get bad. It's not a hard yoga workout, it's just a relaxing practice that stretches and eases the tension in all the right places. Plus there are pillows involved."

    —Ally Dashefsky, Facebook

    9. Smoke some weed if that's your thing (and if it's legal where you live). / Via

    "Marijuana. Legalize it, guys."

    —Safiya Elba, Facebook

    10. Eat as much dark chocolate as you want.


    "So much chocolate. Not only does it taste good but good dark chocolate has magnesium, which helps with cramps, and it releases endorphins (happy drug!) that just makes the whole bloody mess survivable."

    —Bonnie Bozeman, Facebook

    11. Attempt to exercise — while paying special attention your super-sensitive boobs.

    Brownstone Productions

    "I'm a true believer in working out during my period. The problem is gathering the strength to get ready and start working out with WWIII in your uterus.

    "Also, if your nipples bother you with the tight sports bra due to sensitivity: I place cotton rounds as barriers between the nipples and the fabric. Works wonders."

    —Chrissey Bee, Facebook

    12. Let a cat lie on your stomach.

    Instagram: @crmza / Via

    "Owning a cat helps. He is usually compliant if I have a fuzzy blanket on, then I position him to be curled up on my belly. The warmth and the vibration of the purring awww yissss."

    —Ellee Dee, Facebook

    13. Or rub peppermint oil on your stomach.

    Instagram: @curlygirlmomo / Via

    "Peppermint essential oil. When I am dying of cramps, I rub peppermint oil on where the cramps are the worst, and I swear by the gods, it really does help."

    —Shannon Curran, Facebook

    14. Instead of trying to fight the mood swings, just let yourself cry it out.

    Instagram: @sadchihuahua / Via

    "Netflix and crying."

    —Bec Lowe, Facebook

    15. Take some OTC pain relievers with soda.

    Instagram: @nashikas / Via

    "For me, it's three Ibuprofen and a Coke (preferably Vanilla Coke). It's magic. Helps with the nausea, too."

    —Emily Johnson, Facebook

    16. Try to distract yourself with your new favorite album.

    Casey Gueren

    "All I have is music. Does it deal with cramps? No. Does it deal with cravings? Also no. Does it deal with anything else? No again! Does it distract you from all of the above? Yes!"

    —Jamie Mackenzie, Facebook

    17. Find your PMS ritual. Whether it's your favorite snack + blanket + movie...

    Instagram: @lamichelle89 / Via

    "Dark chocolate, Aleve, a VERY fluffy blanket, and a marathon of Star Trek: The Next Generation for when I'm stressed and need to cry about how much Data loves Spot."

    —Colleen Stratton, Facebook

    18. ...or a really hot bath with all of your favorite things.

    "A hot-ass bath does the trick. A lot of bath salts. I brew a pot of tea with one bag of Stash's Lemon Ginger blend and one bag of chamomile. Pack a fat bowl of some indica. Turn up some Netflix on something funny, like Shameless. Then I stay in the bath like this until I don't want to stab my uterus anymore. If the water gets cold and I still wanna die, I get it hot again and soak it out."

    —Kris Kligerman, Facebook

    19. Maybe it's just sweatpants and wine...

    Loryn Brantz / Via Facebook: SOML

    "I have three days I call Massacre Days. It makes Shark Week look like a minnow pool. On those days it's just diaper-sized pads, the loosest (or stretchiest) pants available, stupid shitty movies, and wine."

    —Sunshine Then, Facebook

    20. ...or some combination of heat, McDonald's, and medication.

    Instagram: @miniriddoch / Via

    "Honestly just a hot water bottle, PLENTY of sleep, and getting a massive order at McDonald's — other than the obvious ibuprofen when you feel that initial burn (you know what I'm talking about)."

    —Clarice De Vasconcelos, Facebook

    21. Arm yourself with a hot water bottle and an anti-diarrheal.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    "My hot water bottle is magic. Lay flat, with that on the uterus. So wonderful. Imodium helps with the poops...sometimes."

    —Emily G. Edwards, Facebook

    22. Make sure you're getting enough magnesium.

    Cegli / Getty Images / Via

    "I take magnesium supplements. No lie. With PMDD this stuff makes me feel almost human."

    —Faolana McMullin, Facebook

    23. And check in with your doctor if you're really having a rough time.

    Twitter: @GirIStory

    "My cramps got so bad that I eventually ended up on my office floor, unable to move. That was what finally prompted me to go see a doctor who specializes in endometriosis and other similar conditions. I was always told before that it was normal and to deal with the pain, but I think we need to be telling women that if it's THAT bad, there's nothing wrong with going to the OB-GYN."

    —Ashley LeBourveau, Facebook

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