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    Aug 4, 2015

    13 Signs You And Your Birth Control Are Meant To Be

    Is this what love is?

    1. This was basically you before you started birth control:

    FOX / Via

    Life isn't fair.

    2. But now you and your uterus truly feel like you've got your shit together.

    Anetlanda / Getty Images / Via

    You + birth control = squad goals.

    3. You give your birth control a mental high-five whenever you think about how NOT pregnant you are.

    BuzzFeed BFF

    Look at all the babies you don't have!

    4. Ditto for any time the condom breaks and you're like FUUUUCK oh wait I got this we're good.

    Always lookin' out, birth control.

    5. You're quick to recommend your birth control to anyone who will listen.

    It's like the Serena Williams of contraception. NOTHING GETS BY IT.

    6. And if someone says they tried it and didn't like it, you feel personally offended.

    UPN / Via

    Well maybe the implant just didn't like YOU either, TIFFANY.

    7. You can immediately name at least three ways it's made your life SO MUCH better.

    Clearer skin, better periods, fewer cramps — not to mention help with PCOS and endometriosis. #bless

    8. And as far as you and your doctor are concerned, the pros definitely outweigh any cons.


    9. You literally go everywhere together.

    10. And you trust it to keep your period, your life, and your womb in check.

    Spike Mafford / Getty Images / Via

    It's loyal, reliable, and always there for you. Unlike Tiffany.

    11. Much like parents gush about their kids, you've occasionally bragged about your birth control method.

    MTV / Via Facebook: MTVGirlCode

    "Aw, Chloe is three already? So is my IUD!"

    12. And it supported you through good relationships and sucky ones.

    13. And even though you know you won't be together forever and ever, you're really enjoying your time together now.

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