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15 Things Sex Therapists Really Want You To Know

Warning: There will be homework.

Even though therapy is becoming less stigmatized these days, there still seems to be some confusion and awkwardness around sex therapy. So to find out more, BuzzFeed Health talked to four licensed sex therapists: Brandy Engler, Psy.D., author of The Men on My Couch; Ian Kerner, Ph.D., founder of GoodInBed.com; Megan Fleming, Ph.D., founder of GreatLifeGreatSex.com, and Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, author of Wanting to Want. Here's what they wish people knew about sex therapy:

1. Sex therapy isn't for learning new positions or hot sex tips.

2. Single people can go to sex therapy, too.

3. If something is up, go sooner rather than later.

4. Don't be surprised if you talk about way more than just sex.

Like your job, your family, your mental health, your relationship history. "Your sex life doesn't exist in a vacuum," says Kerner.

"Some of the issues may be related to other anxieties," says Castellanos. "Sometimes it seems like the session has nothing to do with the actual sex act, but the therapist is actually dealing with how that person deals with sex."

5. If you're having a specific problem during sex, they can help with that.

6. You don't need to bring your partner in with you — but you probably should.

7. Sex therapy can also just help you have a really fucking awesome sex life.

8. It can also make talking about sex way less terrifying.

9. Most people feel a huge relief in sex therapy.

10. Sex therapists won't judge you or your interests.

11. There will probably be homework.

12. Sex therapy is usually a short-term commitment.

13. It probably won't be covered by your insurance.

14. It's smart to be picky when looking for a good sex therapist.

15. The opportunity to talk openly about sex and sexuality can be incredibly rewarding.