Here's What Over-The-Counter Birth Control Would Actually Be Like

    It would obviously be convenient, but what would it cost?

    Over-the-counter birth control is a thing that could maybe exist in the future.

    Donald Trump on Thursday told Dr. Oz that he supports prescription-free birth control.

    It sounds like a great idea in theory: your birth control right there next to the aspirin or tampons.

    First, which methods would be available over the counter?

    Cost is another major issue. If birth control moves over the counter, you might have to pay for it again.

    That said, there is some precedent to show that insurance might still cover OTC birth control — if you get a prescription.

    OTC birth control may also come with restrictions on who can access the pill.

    Medically speaking, doctors agree that birth control pills are safe enough to be sold over the counter.

    It's also important to note that presidents don't decide whether or not a drug moves over the counter — the FDA does. And it can take years for that to happen.

    The bottom line: Increased access to birth control would be amazing. But only if it remains cost effective and accessible to everyone who needs it.