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    16 Things Your Gyno Really Wants You To Know

    They definitely don't care what your hair looks like down there.

    1. They're not judging your grooming habits.

    2. You know that super weird, embarrassing question that you REALLY don't want to ask? Just ask it.

    3. They really want to hear about your sex life.

    4. And they definitely want to know if sex is uncomfortable or painful.

    5. Let them know if your period is literal hell, too. They can probably help with that.

    6. They might broach the topic of fertility, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have an opinion about your life choices.

    7. They really want you to stop using all those products to clean your vulva.

    8. If there are health issues that run in your family, they want to know that.

    9. They can help you find a birth control you actually like — so ask them!

    10. If you ask them to test you for every sexually transmitted infection, they're probably going to test you for only a few of them.

    11. When you do get tested, follow up to ask about your results.

    12. They really want to see you once a year — even if you don't need a Pap smear.

    13. And don't freak out about an abnormal Pap smear. It might be nothing.

    14. If you'd like to avoid part of the exam, talk to them about that.

    15. Your gynecologist should be someone you actually like and trust, so don't settle for someone who is just OK.

    16. Going to your annual appointment is great! But it's not enough to stay on top of your sexual and reproductive health.