Here's The Truth About The G-Spot

    Like, is it a thing? Asking for a friend.

    It’s a heated debate even more emotionally charged than The Dress: Does the G-spot really exist?

    Because, based on a quick Google search, it looks like lots of people are REALLY sure it's all a lie.

    But don't give up on the G-spot just yet. This study misses some major important points.

    First, let's talk about where that term came from. The G-spot is something that became popular back in the 1980s.

    None of the original researchers ever said the G-spot was a distinct anatomical structure. Ever.

    No one ever said it guarantees an orgasm, either.

    Here’s WHERE it actually is and what it feels like:

    And here's how you or your partner might be able to find it:

    Certain sex positions can also help stimulate it.

    All women ~technically~ have one.

    Men (kinda) have one too.

    So, yes, the G-spot is a thing that exists! But that doesn't mean you need to find it/use it/love it.