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    27 Health Questions Real People Have ACTUALLY Googled

    Inquiring minds need to know.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most embarrassing health questions they’ve ever googled. Here are the hilarious results, which may put your own neuroses into perspective.

    1. “Is it possible to get a vaginal infection from my cat?”

    Submitted by Allison Hirschlag (Facebook)

    2. “Can you overdose on carbs?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Shayna Clark (Facebook)

    3. “Will I poop out my intestines if I accidentally swallow a rubber band?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by lindsayleae.

    4. “Is it possible for your head to be too big for your neck?”

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Submitted by Ana Luisa (Facebook)

    5. “Why is only ONE nipple so itchy?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Shannon Crismon (Facebook)

    6. “How can you tell if you were born with a tail?”

    Submitted by kimb42589e74f.

    7. “Can you get eczema in your vagina?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by totalhermit.

    8. “Why does my mouth taste like blood after running?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Melinda Bitz Huezo (Facebook)

    9. “Why do I lose my hearing after orgasm?”

    Oxygen / Via

    Submitted by Gumpie.

    10. “Why does my pee smell like tuna?”


    Submitted by AlyssaB1987.

    11. “If Styrofoam rubbing together was a feeling, why does my back feel like that?”

    FOX / Via

    Submitted by Amanda Smith (Facebook)

    12. “Scary loud explosion in head wakes me up at night”

    DreamWorks SKG / Via

    Submitted by Rae Boileau (Facebook)

    13. “What is this bump on my labia that is oozing?”

    CBS / Via

    Submitted by kyllee.

    14. “Can you feel your fetus’s stomach growl when it gets hungry inside you?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Tempest Robledo (Facebook)

    15. “Help I can’t stop pooping”

    Submitted by alichronic.

    16. “Can swallowing semen give you diarrhea?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Tamara J McCline (Facebook)

    17. “Why do my eyes twitch after I sneeze, am I dying?”

    Lifetime / Via

    Submitted by Jesse Rae Green (Facebook)

    18. “Is it bad to hold in farts?”

    Submitted by Ariel9191.

    19. “Can my kidney explode?”


    Submitted by Elle Driver (Facebook)

    20. “Why does my poop smell like food I didn’t eat?”


    Submitted by pam12.

    21. “What happens when you swallow your tongue ring?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Emily Breuninger (Facebook)

    22. “Why do my testicles stick to my thighs?”

    Logo / Via

    Submitted by Tarun.

    23. “Burnt rubber pee smell”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Elizabeth Webster (Facebook)

    24. “Why do my eyes water when I go poop?”

    NBC / Via

    Submitted by Emilie Hagen (Facebook)

    25. “Why does the back of my nose suddenly taste like freshly cut grass?”

    MGM / Via

    Submitted by Emily Elizabeth Tonks (Facebook)

    26. “Stinky belly button goo.”

    27. “Why does my poop smell like marijuana?”

    Submitted by Lindsay Reindl (Facebook)

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