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8 Signs You Should Apply To Be An A&S Ambassador

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this video is strictly for entertainment purpose. The opinions in no way reflect the opinions of the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences. Laughing, giggling, smiling, chuckling and snickering are highly encouraged.

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1. You love meeting new people


With See Blue Preview Nights, Dean's List ceremonies, and service projects, there are endless opportunities to meet current and prospective UK students and faculty.

2. You're passionate about your major


You know that all those all-nighters will pay off when you eventually have a career that you love.

3. ... And you can talk on and on about it to prospective students


Let me say it again... PREVIEW NIGHTS!

4. You are looking to get involved on campus and in the community


Every spring semester you can look forward to either a service activity in Lexington or working closely with other student organizations on campus.

5. You want to build your resume


Leadership experience? Public speaking skills? Check and check.

6. You're looking to work with like-minded individuals


Maybe you're looking to meet more people in your major or minor, or you want to be surrounded by people who appreciate academics... whatever your reason, you can find it here.

7. You understand the importance of networking


You'll get the opportunity to make connections with the Dean, countless faculty members, and other influential people in Lexington.

8. You think it'd be awesome to be the face of the largest college at the University of Kentucky


Pretty big deal.

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