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7 Of The Best Fashion Trends Of 2016

Wanna work the hallway runway at your school and make all the other girls marvel? Follow these fashion trends this fall and you'll be sure to make a statement! Fashion is a challenging topic, especially for high school teens. Waking up early every morning, usually cold and miserable, wanting to go straight to leggings and a sweatshirt. These quick trends will make it easy to stay with that comfortable feel but look you're about to walk New York Fashion Week.

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1. Military-Chic


Layers, layers, layers! I see this look all over a college campus, usually with leggings and converse or jeans and booties. Layering is key because you can start almost anywhere, as basic a tee or tank as you want. it's great for fall if paired with a flannel.

2. All Black Leather


Into more of grunge or street style? Then this simple leather look is just right for you! To simplify it even more, pair a leather jacket with a loose white tee and a pair of ripped jeans, booties, converse, flip-flops, or really any shoe would work to finish it off!

3. Tee Shirt Dress


Tee shirt dresses have begun to make a huge statement for all seasons, whether its relaxed for the summer or layered over for the fall it's an easy way to look like you're 'trying' to dress to impress when you're really just extremely comfortable in a single layer. Plaid scarves are also a must this fall, working with looks like this and even a cute crew neck sweatshirt.

4. Felt and Floppy


Another leather look, paired with a simple bulky sweater. Of course for school you would drop the heels and pair with chic sneakers or booties, but felt hats are in and making a BIG impact. I've seen these hats in a lot of different colors, the hottest trends being tan, black, grey, and a burgundy red.

5. Vests and Prep


VESTS! A must every fall season into the chilly winter time. This look is perfect for both seasons, adding a preppy flare to any look. Vests are perfect for absolutely any outfit, whether it is a relaxed sweatshirt or classy bulky sweater like the one shown above. I know a huge hit is the herringbone pattern vest, or just a classic plain black one with a patterned shirt underneath.

6. Bringing back the waist tie-er


Plaid shirts will always be a trend every fall season, usually any color combination as well. Mainly because they can be worn in so many different ways, this look bringing back an old style that has come back around full swing. Tying a plaid shirt around the waste with an outfit like this one above, or even easier, tied around a plain colored tee shirt dress and some converse to finish off the look.

7. Classic Skirt


Another style coming back from the past and killing the fashion game. The same look is seen a lot more now with a button up down the middle of the same color corduroy skirt. Another time we also see a bulky sweater and a plaid scarf. A lot of basic essentials of a closet that can be used over and over again to complete a wide assortment of looks!

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