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Loft Conversions: One Of The Most Efficient Ways To Increase The Selling Price Of Your Home

The process of loft conversion is a process by which the owner of a property can convert (or have converted) a loft (or attic) into a room that is habitable

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Nowadays everyone is looking for ways to improve their home, some people choose home renovation, home refurbishment, extensions (both 2 storey and single storey) and other ways to maximise the value of their home.

One of the most cost-effective means of increasing the value of a property is through loft conversion.

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Details On Loft Conversion

What Is It?

The process of loft conversion is a process by which the owner of a property can convert (or have converted) a loft (or attic) into a room that is habitable, this means that the property will have not only an additional space, but also an additional room (or in some cases several rooms added onto the property).

How Do I Convert My Loft?

To convert a loft you will need to enlist the services of a specialist builder (someone with experience in handling the conversion of attic spaces), this is important because you'll need someone with the skill-set to take a loft from an uninhabitable space to a secure floor boarded area where furniture can be moved in and the room decorated and made ready for occupation.

How Do I Find A Specialist Builder For My Loft Conversion?

You need to look for a loft conversions company with the following skill-set and expertise:

1/ Floorboarding
2/ Velux window installation
3/ Roof works
4/ Plumbing
5/ Electrics

and also any other skills depending on specific requirements for the job (painter, decorator, carpet fitter etc) some people may even require an interior designer.

If you enlist the services of a specialist company, they will more than likely have individuals whom have all of the required skills, but it is worth checking with the company before you sign contracts to begin the build.

You should be thinking of the following before signing any documentation:

1)Does the company you are considering commissioning for the project have a solid portfolio? This is an important demonstration on the part of the building company due to the fact that an attic conversion is a specialist undertaking, not all building companies' deal with loft conversion, so it is important you verify that successful projects have been completed by the company before the project is underway.

2)Do they follow all required building regulations and adhere to all relevant safety guidelines? This is important due to the fact that not only on moral grounds does the build need to be correct (building ethics) but from a legal perspective it's important to be covered, the building company should be able to provide insight into this as a practice.

3)Planning permission, it's highly important that planning permission is obtained before the commencement of any project of this nature (even though many loft conversions don't require planning permission) it is important to check with the local building authority to check that the project is permissible (the loft company may handle this on your behalf so you may not have to worry about this).

4)Drawings and general planning, you will more than likely need to enlist the services of an architect, some building companies will either have their own architects or they'll be able to recommend one, this is a pivotal part of the early strategy.

5)Pricing, make sure that the price that is quoted to you is realistic in comparison to other quotes provided by other building companies, you want to make sure the price that you are paying is competitive but at the same time the cheapest company doesn't necessarily mean they are the most suitable to work with.

Final tip: make sure that the building company you work with has a good reputation before you sign

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