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Looking For A Highly Demanding Career? Take A QA Automation Training

Quality Assurance Engineers

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Automation Testing is a trending testing technique use to analyze the quality of any software product. This makes any work of a software tester easier and faster by automating tests on every aspect of the program. The role of Quality Assurance Engineers is to see that the services and products of the company can meet strict quality control to ensure that customers all over the world get high-quality products and services delivered to them. Nowadays every company who produce software for their internal and external customers are heavily depending on the Software QA Professionals. The demand for automation testing has continued to grow, and now some teams have eliminated manual testing and employ only test professionals with automated testing skills.

Are programming skills required for test automation?

Although the documentation on some automation tools claims that programming skills are not required, a programmer or an automation test engineer is ultimately needed to do some programming. Those who do not have a programming background often write tests using a simple word-driven language, which the test framework then converts to code or an automation test engineer used to write interim test steps.

How to achieve the expertise skills in the field of QA Automation Testing?

Start by learning the automated testing tool like Selenium, the most popular automated testing technology, is open source and free of charge. Although lots of people learn quality assurance on the job, it's a bad idea in today's highly competitive job scenario. It’s always better to learn the desired skills from reputed industry experts.

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How to Acquire QA Automation Training in NYC

There are lots of firms and organization like Technosoft Academy and lots of other that provide specialized training in Software QA Automation Training. This organization is providing top-notch, training in Selenium using Java to help students launch a career in QA Automation Engineering. Their program is designed to prepare candidates for the job interviews and work according to the current market demand. The program is mainly divided into three phases:

•Training (Learn the fundamental and technical knowledge and hands-on skill)

•Boot camp (Apply your learning and build an end to end project)

•Career Support (Prepare for the job interview and launch a career)

As a student you will have to attend 4 months intensive classes to learn software testing concepts, programming fundamentals, writing advanced scripts, building framework, reporting techniques, etc. During the training, each class has lab exercise and homework to submit in next class.

After the rigorous training, all the eligible students will participate in one month immersive boot camp to complete 120 hours project work. You will gain tremendous hands-on experience while building your own automation project. This extensive experience will boost up the confidence level of the students before going to work in a real environment.

Now as you have all the knowledge and technical skill set, what next? If you are interested in launching your career as a QA Automation Engineer or Software QA Automation Tester, you will be put in touch with a career counselor to assist with optimizing your resumes, handling interview techniques, searching jobs and so on. Technosoft has its own dedicated marketing team and robust database of recruiters to help you succeed launching your career. Job marketing alone doesn't guarantee employment, rather its teamwork where everyone has to maintain and fulfill their own responsibilities properly.

That means whether you are a manual tester, non-IT professionals, students or even a house maker, the above skill can help you to change your career path and give you a better lifestyle. What you need are your dedication, hard work, passion for learning and firm career goal.

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