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Could Fashionable Anti-Pollution Mask Make Us Live Healthier?

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Most people around the world who live in densely populated areas are just finding out about the huge problem air pollution can cause. An estimated 6 million people die from air pollution related problems each year from lung cancer, inflammation of blood vessels, Asthma, heart disease and brain disease.

While the stats are not encouraging, most people ignore it and go on living their lives as if nothing is happening, others who care simply give up after trying the least expensive possible solution; an anti-pollution mask.

Apparently, a number of people have complained about the sizes of the anti-pollution mask as it does not fit perfectly to their face, it doesn’t allow them to breathe freely others simply find wearing a face mask uncomfortable.

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To these effect, a more trendy and functional masks was manufactured to help filter the type of air people breath and to provide a cleaner, fresher air.

For this fashionable anti-pollution mask to make us live healthier, it has to be to be generally accepted by everybody that is a fan of fresher air and healthy living for these simple reasons;

A full package

N97 and N95 were both great anti-pollution mask, but a fashionable and functional mask was not their best feature. For any anti-pollution mask, especially the fashionable one in discourse, it must be able to help in fighting tiny particles, smog etc. It needs to carry the full package of being fashionable, accessible, acceptable and most importantly functional.


Ordinarily finding someone with a mask on can cause quite a lot of stares anywhere. This doesn't have to be so especially if you are putting them as an athlete to run or to bike simply because you care about your health.

This is where design becomes an important factor of a fashionable anti-pollution masks. This new way of designing anti-pollution masks are crafted in such a way that they are trendy and fashionable to wear to anywhere while maintaining the end of still filtering your air from chemicals, dust, pollen, dirt etc., leaving your lungs clean.


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Because this trendy anti-pollution mask are light, they tend to fit very well into anyone's face and cover the nose with a soft plastic or rubber piece. This enables the nose not to allow air escape from any side; this also gives it a firm grip on the whole protected region.

Some of these masks are relatively very cheap if you do not consider having to change filter once in a while. They are also easily strapped to the back of the ear with a minimalist handle.

For us to fully appreciate the importance of anti-pollution mask in the fight to give us healthier air to breathe, we need to take a look at what’s happening in some Asian countries like China and India even in mainstream Europe like London and Paris, air pollution is evident and fashionable anti-pollution is the holy grail.

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