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4 Reliable Online Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Tools.

I never had to worry about currency conversion or exchange rate until recently

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As an online market, I do have clients from all over the world that uses difference currency. Thou, clients, always go through the process of doing the currency conversion before contacting or purchase my product since the price of those products are already listed. So, I never had to worry about currency conversion or exchange rate until recently when one of my clients contacted me and began complaining that my pricing is high he needed a discount since he is a returning customer.

I then ask him how much he could offer for the product? He replies 22EUR (OH MY GOD). This is not in USD; Had to quickly look for ways I could convert that because my price is set to USD. Rather than seeking USD to EUR exchange rate and then punching my calculator to divide and multiply for answers before replying, I needed a system where I will just be in inputting the figure, will convert EUR to USD and vice versa. I knew I could get this on the internet, but wasn’t too sure if I head straight to Google with millions of result I will get from search if it could be possible to locate the right one on time, in other not to keep my clients waiting. So I contacted a friend, and she said use saved the day because it was a long chat with the client, so I decided to do more research into this on my spare time. And came up with some other powerful platform where you can have free access to online Currency conversion tools, which will help you view conversion rate chart of some foreign currency into yours, and vice versa.

4. It provides a basic converter and an advanced converter, and 1 column converter according to user’s need. It also maintains a historic rate, equivalence sheet and historic comparisons of the exchange rates. This site is fast but provides only a few free services.

3. This site maintains the current and historic exchange rates for over 108 currencies, and rates are updated automatically on a daily basis. The converter from this site is present is available to multiple websites. It offers tiny and full currency converters that can be customized according to the need of a site

2. This allows for quick comparisons and easy conversion. with an easy to use conversion tool which can be added to any website for free and has also powered the currency calculator or converter for large sites.

1. This is an online currency converter with a wide range of currencies. Very straightforward and easy to use for anyone. It also has online currency rates and currency widget. It can also be added on anyone's website (exchange rates widget or currency converter widget). It's available in 7 languages.

Do share your own experience of any reliable currency exchange rate conversion tool?

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