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3 Quick Ways To Help People Find Your Site

SEO will not be achieved overnight. So, please be patient.

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Just designing a professional website is no guarantee that visitors are going to be visiting the site. One way most people find a site is to use search engine like Google. Google accounts for nearly half of all Internet searches. Yahoo and MSN are the most popular search engines behind Google.

A good ranking on search results is critical to helping people find your site. Many people only browse the first page of search results. Also, the top of the list is better than the bottom.

Search engines use sophisticated algorithms to sort search results. Good page rankings will not come out of thin air. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating pages that can get high rankings.

The algorithms used by each search engine are slightly different. Also, most search engines will periodically adjust their algorithms. However, the basics of SEO apply to all search engines. Although SEO skills are relatively stable, as long as you plan in detail, you can increase the flow of the site.

The three quick steps that will make your website visible in any search engines is...

1. Choose Keywords Carefully

A keyword is a word that a client uses to find a site when using a search engine. The idea is to optimize your pages for these keywords or phrases. You should choose keywords that can accurately reflect your business. Keywords should be targeted enough to target potential customers, but the scope should not be too narrow.

Of course, you may have a lot of keywords. The best way is to use different keywords for different pages. If your business name is well known, use it as a keyword on the About Us page. However, most customers are searching for products or services, not business names.

2. Create Links From Other Sites To Your Site

The search engine treats each incoming link as a recommendation to your site. Therefore, the more links, the higher the page ranking will be. But there are limitations. The search engine must treat the linked site as a premium address. Linking a notorious site to your site may cause damage to your ranking.

Take the initiative to link links with your business-related sites. If they rank higher, it would be better. Request a notorious site to delete any links to your site. To extract a list of sites that point to your site, try using the search engine. Just type "link: your site name" in the search box.

3. Submit Your Site To The Search Engine

You need to make sure that the search engine indexes the site. If your site has many inbound links, the Web spider will automatically find it. Web spiders will "crawl" the Internet and update the engine's site database.

If your site does not appear automatically, you can index it by submitting the service by yourself. The three search sites have a form for submitting a Web address. The following are the English links to these submission pages:

Yahoo!: (registration required)

• Monitoring The Progress Of SEO

SEO will not be achieved overnight. It takes a few months to get a good page rank. Trying to complete SEO activity hastily can lead to errors. And the consequences of these errors can be very severe.

However, the progress of monitoring SEO is very important. Be sure to use the main engine to search for your keywords to see rankings. You may be shocked to find that you are suddenly starting to enter the relevant search criteria.

Search results will fluctuate up and down. Ranking will change every day or even every hour. Please check your position frequently to get accurate information. Do not worry about a slight fluctuation. But if you find a downward trend, please take action promptly.

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