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12 Reasons Why Being A Scorpio Sucks

This is gonna sting.

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1. When you meet someone for the first time, and everything is going just swimmingly until they ask that dreaded question, "What's your sign?" and you have to pretend everything is fine.

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Well, it was nice knowing you.

2. Because you know that look is coming.

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Hello judgement my old friend.

3. I mean people expect you to be sexy.

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Unfortunately, "I'm awkward and I know it" is more my speed.

4. Or mysterious and aloof.

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Tall, dark, and... socially inept.

5. Not to mention jealous, stubborn and crazy.

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Seriously, are there any positive traits here?!

6. And then there's your birthday which is always cold.

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Pool parties will always be a distant dream.

7. Also, it gets completely overshadowed by the holiday season.

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You relate to scrooge a little too much. Bah Humbug.

8. When your planet isn't even a planet anymore.

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RIP Pluto.

9. Your astrology animal is a scorpion.

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Who wouldn't want to be associated with a deadly, poisonous, and disgusting bug?

10. People expect your clothes to be as dark as your soul.

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We like sunshine and smiles too everyone.

11. With all of this it's no wonder you are constantly misunderstood.

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You really relate to that saying "Don't judge a book by its cover."

12. But there comes that moment when you actually realize, for better or worse, maybe you are like your sign after all.

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Embrace the power of the dark side.

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