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    Updated on May 24, 2019. Posted on May 24, 2019

    How Working Remotely Is Helping Women Balance Work And Family Life

    Let me tell you about a diverse team of experts that all bring a variety of skills and different experience to the clients in that agency. They all share a common trait and that is the passion they all have for the work they do. A fun fact about that company is they all work remotely! They pride themselves on the work that their team does while being able to work from where ever they are. There are numerous benefits they have seen as an organization that enables their staff to work from anywhere.

    The Ability to Adapt to Inevitable Life Changes

    There are endless situations that can arise that can affect your normal 9-5 job. One of the biggest conflicts for working couples (or anyone) is the need to move. For example, your significant other just got a new job that’s in a different state. Many times, the move is a smarter long-term decision so you on the other hand, are forced to leave the job you love. When you work with a remote company you can keep the job you love while still having to move when possible!

    Enabling Women to Work While Being A Mother

    Being a mother is a job within itself, but unfortunately being a mother doesn’t pay the bills and there are many expenses that come with children. Adding daycare to the endless expenses that a child brings gets extremely pricey and something, not every family can afford. At a marketing company Joseph Studios, more than half of their team is made up of hard-working mothers who work from home while caring for their children.

    A lot of talent gets missed because employers tend to overlook mothers who work from home because they assume it’s impossible to be productive while staying home with the children. The mothers on the team know how to maximize their time because they know what a resource time is. The mothers on their team that work from home produce incredible work that is on time and as a result, have produced excellent results for their agency and its clients.

    Increased Productivity

    According to a Canada Life Survey, remote workers rate their productivity as 7.7/10 compared to a 6.5/10 office workers. An office environment can be more distracting than a quiet home office environment. There is a lot more noise, people to chat with and with all that the internet and mobile devices have to offer, there really are just as many distractions in the workplace than there are at home. It all comes down to the trust you have in your employees.

    As a 100% remote company, they are here to tell you that their team is highly productive. Being at home (or where ever they choose to work from) allows them to work in the environment they are most comfortable in. Whether it’s a home office, Starbucks, or the calming back porch, no matter where the work is being done, it’s always being done and being done well.

    Better Work-Life Balance

    According to a study by PGi, 82% of telecommuters reported lower stress levels. Going into work Monday-Friday from the normal 9-5 business hours gets exhausting and creates a lot of stress. More than 14 million people now spend nearly an hour or more traveling to work. That can be 2 hours (to and from work) out of your day. Once you finally do get home, the day has come to an end and leaves very little free time for employees. As a result, there are lots of things that don’t get done, family time missed, etc., that builds so much stress on employees today.

    Those two hours that are lost in traffic can be put into more working time and more dedication to family time, exercise, etc., In addition, their team not only saves time but saves money by not putting the mileage on their vehicles and gas expenses.

    In Forbes’ article, The Evolving Definition of Work-Life-Balance, it is said that creating a flexible work environment is one of the best ways to satisfy the work-life balance needs of most employees. At Joseph Studios, they definitely give their staff the ability to do what they need to do as they continuously put in great effort to their work.

    Healthier Employees

    Getting sick or catching a cold is inevitable. Whether it's yourself or your children, nothing is worse than having to go into work sick or using vacation days to stay home. In the event that one of Their team members (or their children) get sick, they are free to take care of themselves at home while sick being able to work. Not only is this helpful to those that feel under the weather, but they never have to worry about sickness being passed around the office.

    About This 100% Remote Organization

    There are many more benefits they have experienced as a remote organization. At Joseph Studios, as long the work being done continues to produce excellent results, and you are passionate about what you are doing, working remotely is just as great as working in an office.

    Their working mothers and military spouses are hard-working and deserve the opportunity to be able to do what they love. They want to be able to provide an opportunity for hard-working marketing experts that can have a job that they love while having the freedom to do what they need to do. Their 100% remote company works just like any office does (except they are all working remote.) They still have normal business hours, where they priorities work and get all things business related done and they meet multiple times a week via video calls. Their remote team is excellent at communicating and works hard together to get a job done.

    Daniel Klein, the founder of Joseph Studios, a father and veteran, understands the importance of talent over circumstances. The agency (and clients) wouldn’t be where it is today without the expertise, hard work and dedication of their remote team. They are also so grateful for their clients that have understood the flexibility they offer to their team. Joseph Studios is happy to promote a healthy work-life balance that maximizes employee productivity.

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