10 Truths Everyone Learns The Hard Way In Horror Movies

Some things in life are certain, like the fate of high schoolers in horror movies. See Carrie opening in theaters on October 18 for a classic tale of high school horror.

1. Answering the phone is never a good idea.

Answer the phone and you’ll get toyed with until your inevitable violent murder. :(

2. Prom starts out fun…

…but don’t be fooled. It will end tragically.

And your dress will be so ruined.

3. The goth kid is usually the one you can actually trust.

Getty / Via Adam Berry/Stringer

Trust us.

4. Murderers are always Peeping Toms around kissing teens.

If you’re kissing that means your eyes are closed, and if your eyes are closed it probably means you’re about to get whacked.

5. A lake houses is the PERFECT place to get killed.

Karin Vlietstra / Via Flickr: 48304881@N05

A fun vacay with friends = a mass homicide anyone clearly could have seen coming.

6. Babysitting is essentially a death sentence.

Columbia Pictures / Via lexinlexington.tumblr.com

Naturally, a phone is always involved.

7. Empty schools are never actually empty.

miggslives / Via Flickr: 7972895@N02

Because there are murderers waiting for you. Why would you willingly go to an empty school?!

8. Pillow fights are really cute until the creep outside joins in.

Then everyone dies.

9. Wearing a letterman jacket is like wearing an X on your back.

This guy is always the first to go.

10. Messing with the quiet kid is bad bad bad.

Especially when they have weird telepathic powers.

How bad? See Carrie opening in theaters October 18 to find out.

Sony Pictures. / Via youtube.com

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