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18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches

Easy ways to eat yer greens all week long.

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The secret to a perfect and tasty Mason jar salad is all in the order.

The dressing goes in first. This is so important! This guarantees that your salad ingredients don't get soggy.

Then go with a grain or a protein, or anything else big and chunky. This protects your more delicate ingredients from getting wet.

Then the fixings. Little things like shaved nuts, raisins, cheeses. The ingredients that you want to stay dry until juuuust before you eat it.

And if you have any leafy greens, they go in last. That way when you turn the Mason jar over and unload it all into a bowl, the greens will make the salad bed. Genius!

Choosing a smart combo of ingredients is also key.

You want to mix textures and flavors. And ideally, you'll have a filling protein, something salty and crunchy, and something sweet and tangy. Here are some ideas from Earthbound Farm:


You can DIY your own salad with those tips, or you can make one of these genius concoctions below.

Your call! It's all easy and tasty.


4. Layered Quinoa Salad With Beet Vinaigrette

Marla / Family Fresh Cooking / Via

That bright pink color comes from a homemade beet vinaigrette. And quinoa is a grain-like food with a lot of protein and fiber, which means it'll fill you up. Get the recipe here.


12. Mason Jar Chickpea, Farro, And Greens Salad

Cookie and Kate / Via

Have you met farro? It's a seriously under-appreciated grain. One cup of cooked farro contains about 10 grams of fiber and 14 grams of protein — which means that it'll keep you feeling full and happy well into the afternoon. Get the recipe, courtesy of Cookie and Kate.