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    31 Cheap Pieces Of Furniture And Decor From Walmart That Basically Look Like A Million Bucks

    Yes, fake it 'till you make it applies to your home decor as well.

    1. A beaded pendant chandelier to make your grand foyer even grander. To me, this says "formal," "eccentric," and "swanky" all at the same time. The classic pendant shape is modernized with the use of beads and the color is the perfect neutral shade to match with any decor.

    tan beaded pendant chandelier hanging

    2. A set of hairpin nesting tables that'll look like they belong in a brand new living space. The circular tabletops and hairpin legs have a mid-century modern aesthetic full of character and modernism. Plus, they're easy to rearrange for multi-purposeful use! Shop smarter, not harder people.

    the nesting tables with white marble tops and golden legs

    3. A cute and comfy ottoman because you can never have too much seating. The best part? It ships ~fully assembled~. In four different luxe colors, this ottoman will be sitting pretty in your living room in no time.

    a round gray ottoman in a living room

    4. A mod sunburst clock sure to become the talk of the town (or your book club at least). This stunning accent piece provides next-level charm and style while keeping the price tag down.

    the sunburst clock in gold

    5. A set of peel-and-stick tiles for an easy upgrade to your walls. No need to spend a fortune on a whole kitchen remodel just to decide you hate it two years later. I wish this was around when I was growing up — my brain is still scarred from the memory of our kitchen covered in forest green paint and matching subway tiles.

    sea glass peel and stick resin backsplash tiles staged in a neutral, inviting kitchen

    6. A glass-and-gold bar cart so you can take your entertaining skills to the next level. And just admit it, this is why you decorate a home anyway... to entertain. Shake up your favorite cocktail and this puppy is ready to stun.

    a gold bar cart with various types of alcohol displayed on top

    7. A garden patio stool here to fulfill all of your country home dreams. Made from glazed ceramic, this stool can also be used as an end or side table. The pattern is both classic and elegant, making it the perfect accessory for your indoor or outdoor space.

    a ceramic stool with blue and white patterning next to a couch

    8. A Sputnik-mounted ceiling light that'll be way cooler than your typical fluorescent hallway lighting. Forget a standard ceiling fan with a single bulb — this gives you the ability to really decorate your space from top to bottom.

    9. A faux-leather chair sure to pair nicely with any couch, loveseat, settee, you name it. Sit back and enjoy all the comfort and compliments this chair will bring to your home.

    Brown faux leather chair

    10. A gorgeous mid-century modern bed frame somehow refined and a bit rugged at the same time. This simple yet elegant design will bring a minimalist touch to your bedroom without, you know, being *that* minimal. If you're a simple creature, this beauty will really upgrade your bedroom!

    Wood bed frame

    11. A rich suede futon at a price that can't be beaten. Put away the ugly air mattress and debut this convertible couch for your sleepaway guests! Elegant by day, cozy by night.

    the navy futon staged in a living area

    12. A wooden twist stool great for traditional and contemporary settings; it's funky, rural, ageless, and eclectic. Each walnut wood piece is handcrafted, leaving everyone just slightly different and unique.

    a wooden twisted stool

    13. A rolling kitchen cart because extending your island isn't always the most affordable option. The light wood is simple and clean, can be moved around, and saves *so* much counter space. It's perfect for any kitchen, studio apartment, or dorm where multi-purpose space is needed!

    The white rolling kitchen cart

    14. A contemporary accent chair in a stunning gemstone color sure to be a stylish addition to any home. The lush velvet brings a sense of opulence to the room, really emphasizing the style in your space.

    A green velvet armless chair with gold legs

    15. A gold circular mirror so you can check yourself before running out the door. With its artistic round shape and soft gold finish, this mirror will elevate any space — as will your reflection in it.

    16. A wooden entertainment center that looks handmade from the heavens. Dramatic? Probably. But it truly is beautiful and looks so much more expensive than it is. Use it to display your TV, in the foyer as a decorative piece, or as a dresser in the bedroom.

    a brown wooden entertainment center decorated with books and a television on top

    17. A cowhide rug because this is where high-end meets rural. A rug like this is bold, but not too loud or distracting. These are ideal when you can't find a pattern you love in a traditional rug, but still want something interesting to drop your crumbs onto while you eat on the couch.

    a navy couch and a black and white cow hide rug

    18. A floor lamp with a rattan shade giving very beach home meets city apartment vibes. Its slim, antiqued brass neck is supported by a round base and the woven rattan shade filters light to create a warm ambiance.

    tan floor lamp with rattan lamp shade staged in a living room

    19. A whitewashed Venetian room divider to provide some privacy, foot traffic control, and — most importantly — some beautiful decor. This piece is available in two rustic finishes on both sides of the screen to fit the tone of your space. It's also on MAJOR sale right now, making it a big ole bang for your buck!

    a whitewashed wooden room divider in a bathroom

    20. A set of quilted bar stools that swivel and adjust to the height of your countertops. The contemporary design will really modernize your kitchen without breaking the bank. Rest your feet on the footrest while sipping a glass of Two Buck Chuck cab and don't even worry about spilling — these leather seats will wipe clean with ease.

    two adjustable white quilted bar stools at a kitchen bar

    21. A cowhide bench with an openable seat because you need a spot to store the junk that makes your home look... less than glamorous. This fresh and functional design provides easy storage and looks great while doing so.

    a brown cowhide bench on a rug in front of a wall with portraits hung

    22. An asymmetrical modern mirror for a contemporary way to spruce up your walls. The irregular shape adds character to any room. If you don't have any art hung up, this is a perfect stand-in!

    an asymmetrical mirror over a table

    23. A hollowed-out ceramic vase that belongs in an actual mansion it's just that beautiful. Available in three sizes you can arrange as many of these on your coffee table as you want and still have a luxe vibe going on in your living space.

    a hallowed out white ceramic vase on a table

    24. A jute wall hanging to add some texture to that wall you've been meaning to decorate for the past four months. These woven art pieces are typically extremely expensive; this fringed, tufted, braided one was flat-woven from India and should sell for way more than it does!

    25. A reclining futon giving "paint me like one of your French girls" vibes. This chaise lounger is perfect to simply stare at in the corner or have your guests crash on after a night out. The faux leather upholstery and chrome legs are upscale while the price tag is frugal.

    the tan futon

    26. An abstract painting because your home can also look like the Museum of Modern Art — just at a much, much lower price tag. This canvas print is soft and warm while also being bold and eye-catching. Available in four sizes, you can easily fill any space that needs a little attention. And trust me, this piece deserves some attention.

    the blue white and yellow abstract painting

    27. A faux marble dining table that's *almost* too pretty to eat on. The gold finish on the base will brighten up any room, making it look luxe and elegant.

    the white table with brown legs

    28. A geometric eight-cube bookshelf sure to become a statement piece in any room. Fill this shelf with supplies, books, pictures, or the knick-knacks you don't know what to do with. Either way, this affordable shelving unit will really spruce things up.

    the brown bookshelf with decor on the shelves

    29. A round accent table that looks like an antique. And we all know how expensive antiques are nowadays... what's a girl got to do to get cheap furniture?! Go to Walmart, apparently.

    the brown accent table by a couch

    30. A faux fiddle-leaf plant, because bringing greenery into a room will liven it up (literally and figuratively). Don't worry about taking care of this baby, it'll thrive without any assistance from you and your not-so-green thumb!

    31. And a velvet dining chair with gold legs that just screams "you can't sit with us!" Except you totally can because these are actually super affordable and not at all pretentious. And there are so many colors to choose from, each standing on stunning gold legs. All good things!!

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