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27 People Who Are Hopefully OK

"Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?"

1. This very important PSA for pizza lovers:

2. When one letter changes the issue from dental to deadly:

3. This very intriguing thought:

4. When you try to lift a colander with your member:

5. This clitada issue:

6. This person who mistook wood chips for tortilla chips:

7. This unique alternative to bug spray:

8. This tampon baby scare:

9. The good ol' nipple weight debate:

10. A serious inquiry about the peenus:

11. When bananas and boredom don't mix:

12. This genetal issue:

13. This buttwhole issue:

14. This demand for further answers:

15. When Jay straight-up fooled you:

16. This belli button debate:

17. When your condom just ain't growing right:

18. This person who is probably very dehydrated:

19. What???

20. This PSA about the dangers of unlit cigarettes:

21. This person who has interesting condiment preferences:

22. When you get FOUR Skittles stuck up there:

23. This serious nee problem:

24. This statement/question:

25. That darn flue:

26. This flying sperm debate:

27. And that time you were so drunk you peed blue: