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    This Gym Teacher Taught His Class a Cardio Version of "Nae Nae" and It's Everything

    It might actually make you miss P.E.

    Jared Paschall is a gym teacher at Harvest Elementary School in Harvest, Alabama who made a creative cardio routine to Silento's "Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae)" and it's going viral.

    Facebook: video.php

    Paschall originally uploaded the video of his students doing the routine in gym class on his YouTube channel. It was later posted to Facebook, where it's been viewed nearly 20 million times.

    In an interview for, Paschall said, "Since they loved the song so much and many of them already knew some moves, I decided to incorporate exercise into music and get them excited about doing a cardio workout." Paschall also said in the interview that he filmed his students demonstrating the dance workout so that other teachers can try it out in their schools.

    The routine starts out with the classic whip and nae nae moves.

    But then, they whip out some jumping jacks!

    And they follow the chorus with some crazy high knees.

    They even start breaking it down with push-ups!

    Whether you're sick of this song or not, you've gotta give them props for packing all this creativity and cardio into one jam.

    And their fierce ending might be the best thing ever:

    Werk it!