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15 Things That Make Your Hangover Even Worse

Why do you do this to yourself?

Editor's note: The only way to completely avoid a hangover is to not consume alcohol. This post is not meant to be an exhaustive explanation of hangovers and how to avoid them, but we hope it helps you reduce the severity.

Hangovers are basically evil punishments against humankind.

First, here's what a hangover actually is:

1. Drinking too fast.

2. Staying out and going to bed super late.

3. Drinking on an empty stomach.

4. Relying on some "magic cure" pill, juice shot, or remedy to prevent a hangover.

5. Ordering a ton of sugary drinks or mixers.

6. Taking shots when you're already drunk.

7. Not continuing to snack throughout the night.

8. Engaging in risky physical activities that will probably end in pain or injury.

9. Mixing alcohol with certain prescription drugs.

10. Doing stupid stuff while drunk that you know will make you upset the next day — like texting your ex.

11. Not drinking enough water while you're out.

12. Drinking anything that consistently gives you hangovers from hell.

13. Drunk eating ALL the things.

14. Drinking the next day to ease your symptoms.

15. Finally, not learning from your hangovers.

[If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse, please visit the American Addiction Centers website or call 888-987-9927 for more resources and support. ]