17 Easy Healthy Snacks To Keep You Energized All Day Long

    For all those times you want to eat your own hand.

    You've probably felt that shaky, dizzy, irritable feeling that most of us call "low blood sugar," right?

    A great way to keep this feeling at bay is by snacking on things that keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, rather that spiking and crashing it with lots of carbs and sweets.

    A very simple solution? Stocking you kitchen with some healthy staples that will make your life so much easier when you're hangry and suffering from a blood sugar low. Here are some things to pick up:

    1. Cottage cheese with blueberries

    2. Hard-boiled egg

    3. Ants on a log

    4. String cheese with berries

    5. Turkey roll-ups with mustard

    6. Carrots with hummus

    7. Avocado on a whole-grain toast or a cracker

    8. Cucumber slices with Greek yogurt dressing

    9. Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt with raspberries

    10. Turkey bacon slices

    11. Mini Babybel cheese

    12. Steamed broccoli with shredded cheddar

    13. Whole-grain English muffin with almond butter

    14. Salt and pepper pistachios

    15. Bell pepper slices and guacamole dip

    16. Dates stuffed with almonds

    17. Bell pepper egg ring