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13 Ways Your Makeup Habits Can Make You Sick

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Makeup is a glorious thing.

It's practically magic.

But some common makeup habits (like borrowing concealer or not cleaning your products regularly) can open you up to a host of skin and health problems.

1. Makeup harbors bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can lead to serious infections and illness.

2. Every time you touch your makeup, you're transferring germs that will then go into your mouth, eyes, and any open skin.

3. Even when you aren't using your makeup, it can pick up fungal spores floating around in the air.

4. All the germs and dirt on your brushes and sponges can wreak havoc on your face.

5. An entire jar of powder can become contaminated after just one use.

6. Sharing makeup means you're literally sharing germs.

7. Using contaminated lipstick is like licking a surface covered in bacteria and viruses — even herpes.

8. Makeup testers are innocent-looking petri dishes full of bacterial and fungal growths from random people.

9. Sharing makeup — or even just using your own contaminated makeup — can make acne worse.

10. Because your eyes are the most vulnerable to infections, sharing eye makeup is especially dangerous.

11. Pinkeye germs can survive in your makeup for a LONG time and even reinfect you after healing.

12. Germs multiply over time, so old makeup puts you at serious risk.

13. So you should probably be cleaning and sanitizing your makeup way more than you already do.

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