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21 Products For People Who Are Incredibly Accident-Prone

~Protect yourself~ before you wreck yourself.

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1. A no-tip coffee mug for your desk so you'll never worry about keyboard spills again.

Lowrider / Via

Rest assured that your keyboard, laptop, or any other desk items will never get a splash of coffee.

Buy it here for $12.99.


6. A spill-proof wine glass for when things get a little tipsy.


OK, so these are a little pricey, but they'll last for a long time, and think of all the wine you'll save!

Buy them here for $46 a pop.


10. A travel mug with an auto-seal lid that doesn't allow any spills when you're being a huge klutz.

This mug has a clever automatic seal system so it only opens for you to sip if you apply pressure to a button where your thumb naturally grips.

Buy it here starting at $20.99 in 16-ounce or 20-ounce sizes and various colors.

11. A mounted holder for your hair dryer so you never run the risk of it touching water.

Hair dryers should always be kept away from water, because it can cause electrocution.

Buy it here starting from $26.97 in a variety of colors and finishes.


12. A silicone sip guard that fits in the mouth of your water bottle so you can sip without splashing.

Guyot Designs / Via

It fits most wide-mouth water bottles (like Nalgene), and the silicone is BPA-free.

Buy it here starting at $5.50 and choose from a variety of colors and fun designs.


17. An all-natural soothing salve for stings, bumps, and bruises.

Burts Bees / Via

This ointment is made of herbal ingredients like lavender oil and vitamin E, so it soothes and comforts your skin naturally.

Buy it here for $6.

18. A portable stain remover, so you can save your clothes when life tries to ruin them.

Grandma's Secret / Via

Just one drop can remove food, oil, makeup, blood, and more!

Buy a 2-ounce bottle here for $4.12 and up.

20. A waterproof, shock-resistant laptop case that will keep your computer safe no matter what.

This case also has a front pocket where you can store your charger, cords, phone, and more — and the waterproof fabric will keep it all dry even if your bag is wet.

Buy it here for $13.99 in a variety of sizes in gray or black.


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