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19 DIY Survival Kits For All The Worst-Case Scenarios

It never hurts to emergency-proof your life.

1. This college kit to help you brave the germ-filled shitshow that is campus life.

2. This bathroom first aid kit that'll make you seem responsible and prepared AF.

Items include:




-Hydrogen peroxide

-Antiseptic wipes

-And more! Find the full list on Mom Advice.

3. This car safety kit that you need in case of an emergency.

4. And this heavy-duty version for when winter is coming.

5. This road trip survival pack for antsy passengers.

6. This camping kit that will calm down even the least outdoorsy people on the trip.

Items include:

-Duct tape

-Wet Wipes

-Dish soap

-Fly swatter

-SPF Chapstick

-And more! Find the full list on The Benson Street.

7. Or there's this extreme wilderness backpacking kit.

8. But this simple kit is best if you're only going for a day hike.

9. And this teeny-tiny kit to keep with you always...just in case.

10. This first aid beach bag will prepare you for everything but the sharks.

11. This pack for surviving a music festival with more memories than injuries.

12. This travel-proof kit that will save a trip to the drugstore during your trip.

13. And this emergency pack for anyone traveling with a severe allergy.

14. This kit full of TLC for any ~sensitive travelers~.

15. This emergency kit to help the bride stay chill AF on her wedding day.

16. And this one that'll make sure the groom is prepared, too.

17. This baby first aid kit with the essentials:

18. And this pet emergency kit, because they're basically your children, too.

19. And this first aid kit that your hungover self will thank you for later.