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    Here's What A Hickey Actually Is And How To Get Rid Of It

    We know that mark on your neck isn't from the curling iron.

    Raise your hand if you've been unfortunate enough to have an abomination like this on your neck:

    We've all been there.

    A hickey is a bruise caused by suction, which bursts tiny blood vessels under your skin.

    You can get a hickey anywhere, but it shows up worse on your neck because the skin there is so thin and delicate.

    The color of the hickey really depends on how quickly your body breaks down the blood.

    You've probably heard of a few ways to get rid of them — like using a toothbrush, a cold spoon, or even a coin.

    Unfortunately those are all pretty much bullshit.

    So what does work? Leaving it alone! And makeup.

    And next time, just give/get a hickey in a more ~discrete~ place.

    But seriously, if you are an adult and still giving hickeys you need to go home. Just go.