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29 People Who Probably Had A Worse Summer Than You

BRB, slathering myself in SPF 100.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their craziest, funniest, or just most unfortunate sunburns. Here are some of the best reminders to always reapply:

And even though these people can laugh now, there's no doubt that they were in pain at the time. Not to mention, sun damage can have long-term effects on your skin and health. So in addition to making you laugh and cringe, we hope this serves as a PSA for the many benefits of using sunscreen properly.

1. This Irish lad who had a mishap with spray sunscreen:

2. This person who was apparently listening to lullabies on their iPod.

3. This girl who looks like she put blush on in the dark:

4. This person who quite literally wore red and white stripes for the Fourth of July.

5. This girl whose roommate DID NOT have her back:

6. The statement necklace that also left a statement burn:

7. This guy who was left with a tank top of paleness:

8. This woman who had resting duck face for a week:

9. This girl who was left with a permanent lanyard:

10. This girl who will probably never hike again:

11. This woman who should swear off cross-body bags:

12. This girl who ended up with a very ~cheeky~ sunburn:

13. This guy who really should've kept his shirt buttoned up:

14. This wedding guest who left with more than a party favor:

15. This guy who learned that applying sunscreen while standing on a paddle board is a terrible idea:

16. This person who became an ice cream flavor IRL:

17. This woman who loved her lace top so much, she baked it into her skin:

18. This person who at least has magic burn-proof knees.

19. This girl who didn't listen to her parents and paid the price:

20. This girl who learned about sun exposure in convertibles the hard way.

21. This girl who underestimated a cloudy sky and got left with a bib:

22. This person whose burn left them with a smile... literally:

23. This girl who left the beach with lobster...skin:

24. This girl who learned the hard way that she wasn't using spray sunscreen correctly:

25. This person who got more than just "some color":

26. This girl who confirms all of your fears about trendy cutout bikinis.

27. This girl who probably didn't enjoy the rest of her spring break:

28. This girl who really took the "YOLO" saying to heart:

29. And this ginger, who used tanning oil instead of sunscreen:

So remember, put on your sunscreen and reapply it often!

If you aren't sure which SPF you need or how to best apply sunscreen, check this post out for more information!

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