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This Guy's Back Got Devoured By Mosquitos And It Hurts To Look At

Warning: Graphic photo of bug bites up ahead.

This is Jordan Lingle. He's a 21-year-old from Fishers, Indiana, who recently suffered an insane amount of bug bites, and the terrifying photo evidence was posted to Facebook.

Jordan Lingle / Via

The post is going viral on Reddit, and it's basically a reminder to never ever ever forget bug spray. Because he did.

Seriously, take a look at this terror:

Jordan Lingle / Via Facebook: jordan.lingle
Comedy Central / Via

Lingle was playing capture the flag with friends when it happened. His awesome hiding spot — at the edge of a field, near a river — also happened to be a mosquito hangout.

"All of a sudden I felt like I was being attacked by mosquitoes everywhere on my body, especially on my back," Lingle told BuzzFeed Life. "But I didn't want to move from my spot because I was hidden super well. So I tried fending them off, then I realized there was a complete swarm of mosquitos around me and it got unbearable, so I drove home."

“My back was itching so much it felt like my skin was peeling,” said Lingle.

"I showed my mom, who freaked out because she didn't think it was just mosquitos. She posted it to Facebook and her nurse friend said I was probably having an allergic reaction. I have bad seasonal allergies and asthma which could've made my skin's reaction to the bites a lot worse."

Luckily, his back returned to normal within a few days and he managed to not scratch all of his skin off. Lingle's friend, Noah Anderson, re-posted the picture of his back to Reddit where it blew up... much like his poor skin.

SO, if you don't want your back looking like this, maybe pack some bug spray when you're playing outside this summer.

Comedy Central / Via

Obviously bug repellants come with a whole host of chemicals and warnings, but they're also the best defense against getting bit (other than not going outside or wearing long pants and sleeves all summer). For more info on what ingredients you should look for and the best precautions to take, check out this report on bug spray safety and effectiveness from the Environmental Working Group.

TL;DR: Bug spray works, but probably isn't great for you. So wash your hands immediately after using it and wash it all off once you're safely inside.

Happy summer, everyone!

Nickelodeon / Via

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