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21 Super Calming Spaces That Will Make You Want To Meditate Right Now

Meditation game on point.

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1. This fuzzy lambskin rug and crystal-filled corner:

2. This tiny trippy meditation nook illuminated with prism light:

3. This cozy futon and Himalayan salt lamp reflection corner:

4. This big and bright sunroom that fits multiple meditation buddies:

5. This snake plant and plush cushion window space:

6. This candle and incense-filled fireplace transformed into a bamboo forest:

7. This monochromatic, minimalist meditation space:

8. This calming green meditation futon and rock garden corner:

9. This tapestry-backed crystal and seashell altar:

10. This breezy plant-filled meditation sunroom:

11. This smiling Buddha and yoga book library corner:

12. This transcendental art-covered reading nook:

13. This cushy bohemian patio:

14. This glowingly warm yoga space with a happy little cat:

15. This lush backyard yoga spot with a super chill pooch:

16. This twinkly light-filled peaceful corner:

17. This tiny astro-turf and pillow covered balcony:

18. This super serene bath space:

19. This simple set-up of candles and plants:

20. This wise and worldly little bedroom nook:

21. And this striking blue mandala tapestry framing a meditation bench: