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21 Things People With ADHD Want You To Know

"It's not a disorder of not knowing what to do, it is a disorder of not doing what you know."

1. First of all, ADHD is a legitimate neurobehavioral disorder — it's not just feeling distracted and disorganized.

2. The brain of someone with ADHD is literally different.

3. Most of the symptoms are caused by an impairment in your brain's executive functioning, which is basically the control center.

4. There are actually three different types of ADHD.

5. Actually being diagnosed with ADHD can be a long and frustrating process.

6. People with ADHD don't have a lack of knowledge, they just have trouble putting that knowledge into practice.

7. So performance-based things like school and work are especially tough.

8. But ADHD can affect all parts of your life, not just school or work.

9. Focusing on just one thing can be tough, since people with ADHD are hypersensitive to their surroundings.

People with ADHD often see and hear everything around them, noticing things that most people are able to completely tune out, Murphy says. It can be helpful at times (especially in some creative fields), but at other times these distractions can easily becoming overwhelming.

10. But you might also hyperfocus, which makes it super hard to switch to a new task.

11. Impulse control can be a major issue.

12. But it's not just a lack of willpower that's keeping you from focusing.

13. Working memory is a huge problem, so people with ADHD often forget what they're doing.

14. Having no concept of time is also a very real struggle.

15. Medication helps, but it isn't a magic pill.

16. People with ADHD usually need a lot of reminders to stay focused, manage time, and plan effectively.

17. And finding the right environment and stimulation that helps you be more efficient is a huge deal.

18. It may seem like people with ADHD are procrastinators, but it's really that they have trouble plotting out the steps to reach a goal.

19. It's also very difficult to control your emotions, good and bad.

20. Having ADHD often comes with feelings of fear and self-doubt.

21. ADHD is a life-long disorder, but it's completely possible to get under control.