Here's What Staring Into A Microwave Actually Does To Your Eyes

    Let’s settle this, once and for all.

    Microwaves are a beautiful invention.

    Just don't stare directly at it when it's on! least that's what you've heard, right?

    But do microwaves actually do any damage to your vision?

    Actually, there's no evidence to suggest that staring into a microwave will nuke your peepers.

    The myth originated from the false belief that microwave radiation can escape and cause heath problems.

    But microwaves are designed with all the safeguards to prevent any unsafe exposure to radiation.

    All microwaves on the market have to meet the same safety standards, so the model makes no difference.

    By the way, that light in the microwave is actually there so you can look inside and see your food cooking.

    So don't worry, you can check on the status of your leftovers without fearing for your eyesight.

    Happy microwaving!