21 Insanely Useful Skills Every Late Person Has Perfected

    If speed-walking were a sport, we'd go to the Olympics.

    1. Transforming yourself in a very short amount of time.

    2. Getting people to forgive and forget your tardiness.

    3. The ability to eat literally any meal on the go.

    4. Sneaking into class/meetings/work without being noticed.

    5. Setting 800 alarms that are loud enough to wake you, yet quiet enough to keep your roommates from killing you.

    6. Showing up in an outfit that will distract everyone from the fact that you're late AF.

    7. Qualifying for the Olympics in airport-terminal sprinting.

    8. Resisting the urge to be petty when others are late.

    9. Holding in the panic and tears when you're already late and you hit traffic.

    10. Speed-walking, power-walking, race-walking, etc.

    11. Appearing composed when you're actually sweating through your clothes and hyperventilating after rushing somewhere.

    12. Catching up to your friends when you arrive to the pregame late.

    13. Teaching a lesson to anyone who is naïve enough to think you'll be ready to go earlier than you said you would be.

    14. Making sure EVERYONE knows when you actually are on time.

    15. Perfecting the "I woke up like this" look before it was even a thing.

    16. The ability to multitask like it's a sport.

    17. Sticking to your excuses. Even when they're questionable.

    18. Or getting so creative with your excuses that literally no one will question you.

    19. Pretending to still not really understand how time works.

    20. And, on rare occasions, surprising people with your random promptness.

    21. Convincing your friends and family that this is just a part of who you are.