13 Things You Should Know Before You Get In A Hot Tub

    We apologize in advance for ruining your next soak.

    Let's face it: As wonderful as hot tubs feel, they can get pretty gross.

    1. A lot of germs and pathogens survive in hot tubs.

    2. The temperature of hot tubs is actually perfect for bacteria to grow.

    3. Hot tubs are like a big bath where everyone gets a turn to sit in the same hot water.

    4. Hot tubs are very difficult to keep clean and chlorinated.

    5. And chlorine gets depleted by things like sweat, sunscreen, and skin or hair products.

    6. Hot tubs can cause a nasty rash called hot tub folliculitis.

    7. They carry bacteria which can cause ingrown hairs and small cuts to become infected.

    8. There's a lot of poop in hot tubs.

    9. You're supposed to wait two weeks after having diarrhea to go in a hot tub, but most people don't — which exposes others to gastrointestinal bacteria.

    10. A common hot tub parasite, Crypto, is chlorine-tolerant.

    11. It's rare, but hot tubs can also transmit Legionnaires' disease, a potentially fatal respiratory disease.

    12. Bacteria will grow overnight if the hot tub isn't cleaned beforehand.

    13. Private hot tubs actually tend to be worse than public ones.

    Bottom line: Keep your hot tub clean!