Here's What To Do If You Burn The Shit Out Of Your Mouth

    Because no food is worth a nasty mouth burn — even pizza.

    Let's face it: Sometimes you just can't wait for that piping-hot pizza or morning coffee to cool down.

    But we all know what happens when that impatience gets the best of us: Your mouth and tongue end up taking the heat.

    But what actually happens when you burn your mouth or tongue, and what's the best way to help it heal?

    Super-hot foods and drinks can cause a first-degree burn that damages the delicate membrane lining your mouth.

    You can expect pain, inflammation, and redness — or even blisters if the burn is really bad.

    The first thing you should do is swish with cold water to reduce heat in your skin and decrease swelling.

    In the following days you should stick to a soft, bland diet and keep your mouth clean.

    Fortunately, the skin in your mouth grows super-fast — so you should be healed in about a week or so.

    And no, burning your tongue on hot food or drinks won't permanently kill your taste buds or anything.

    Bottom line: Just wait a few damn minutes for your food or drink to cool down enough.

    But also don't forget about your food or drink until it's too cold, either.


    The kid who had his tongue stuck to the pole in A Christmas Story was Ralph's friend. An earlier version of this post misstated it was Ralph.