23 Important Reminders For Anyone Who Has ADHD

    "You have the right to deal with your disorder however you want."

    Nobody understands ADD or ADHD better than people who live with the disorder.

    1. You should never be ashamed of your diagnosis.

    2. It doesn't mean there is something "wrong" with you.

    3. Your brain is literally wired differently.

    4. People with ADHD are just as intelligent as anyone else.

    5. We can focus, especially when we're fascinated.

    6. Structure and routine can help, a lot.

    "If I don’t have my structure in my schedule, I feel lost. I won’t do anything I need to do."


    7. It is possible to find a job where you can thrive.

    8. We aren't unambitious — we just have so many aspirations that it's hard to achieve any one of them.

    9. The right learning tools can really help you accomplish what you need to.

    10. There is no such thing as too many alarms or reminders.

    11. Sometimes, having ADHD can feel like a superpower.

    12. It can make you great at certain things, like creative problem-solving.

    13. We're the ultimate multitaskers.

    14. We often make the best travel and adventure buddies.

    15. Getting diagnosed as an adult doesn't make your ADHD any less real or significant.

    16. Not everyone with ADHD chooses to take medication, and that's totally okay.

    17. And whether or not you decide to medicate is nobody else's business.

    18. You have the right to deal with your disorder however you want.

    19. ADHD symptoms vary, so it will look different in every individual.

    20. And understanding how the disorder impacts you individually can be crucial to finding the right treatment.

    21. It might take us a little longer to get stuff done, but that doesn't mean we're any less capable.

    22. What you have is very real, but it doesn't define you.

    23. Be an advocate for yourself, and don't give up.

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