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    23 Important Reminders For Anyone Who Has ADHD

    "You have the right to deal with your disorder however you want."

    Nobody understands ADD or ADHD better than people who live with the disorder.

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    So here are some great reminders and words of wisdom from members of the BuzzFeed Community living with ADD or ADHD.

    Quick note: ADD/ADHD is a neurological disorder characterized by difficulty sustaining attention, lack of self-control, and impaired working memory. It’s now more often classified in medical literature as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but lots of people (including some doctors) still refer to it as ADD. For the purpose of clarity and conciseness, we will refer to the disorder as ADHD in this article.

    1. You should never be ashamed of your diagnosis.

    Twitter: @simone_biles

    "ADHD affects almost all aspects of life, and it is exhausting sometimes. It creates self-esteem issues and it is difficult to overcome. BUT I am not ashamed to have ADHD. I am proud of my creative, crazy, disorganized, loving, emotional brain, and I am willing to fight to be the best I can be despite struggling with this disorder. ADHD is a part of me, but it is not the entirety of who I am."


    2. It doesn't mean there is something "wrong" with you. / Via

    "I wish people would understand that it’s not an excuse, it’s not made up, and there’s nothing wrong with having it!"


    3. Your brain is literally wired differently.

    "People don’t understand that ADD is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. My brain doesn’t function the same way that most other people’s minds function."


    4. People with ADHD are just as intelligent as anyone else.

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    "For those with ADHD, just like everyone else, we are capable, creative, intelligent, and passionate."


    5. We can focus, especially when we're fascinated.

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    6. Structure and routine can help, a lot.

    "If I don’t have my structure in my schedule, I feel lost. I won’t do anything I need to do."


    7. It is possible to find a job where you can thrive.

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    "It may take time, but you CAN find your footing at work. I have a job (IT/ software) for which my ability to quickly switch tasks yet still see the big picture is a huge asset."

    —Shana Sessler

    8. We aren't unambitious — we just have so many aspirations that it's hard to achieve any one of them.

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    "I’m not unambitious. I just have so many aspirations and so many thoughts on how to achieve them that it becomes too overwhelming."


    9. The right learning tools can really help you accomplish what you need to.

    "I was always confused because I couldn’t stick with things I cared about. It made me anxious and depressed, like I had no passion. When I was diagnosed with adult ADD and started using learning tools, seeing someone, and went on medication, I was finally able to access and work towards what I was interested in."


    10. There is no such thing as too many alarms or reminders.

    11. Sometimes, having ADHD can feel like a superpower.

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    "I’ve never seen my ADHD as a disorder. Instead, I have viewed it as an enhancement. We are really smart and creative. We put our hearts and souls into our works because our work is an avenue for us to release and escape our anxious thoughts and feelings. We talk A LOT because we have so much to express and we want to share it with others. Some of the most talented and successful people in the world are diagnosed with ADHD."


    12. It can make you great at certain things, like creative problem-solving.

    "I wish people knew it’s not all bad and that even without medication, there are benefits to it. In any job I've had, I've excelled at problem solving. Because I'm distracted by everything, I tend to notice everything; it allows me to think outside the box. And any kind of crisis or high stress environment? I thrive in it."

    —Mich Elle, via gmail

    13. We're the ultimate multitaskers.

    14. We often make the best travel and adventure buddies.

    "People with ADD/ADHD make great adventure buddies because we are always down to explore."


    15. Getting diagnosed as an adult doesn't make your ADHD any less real or significant.

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    "ADHD is not a childhood disorder. Lots of children with ADHD become adults with ADHD. Some aren’t even diagnosed until adulthood."


    16. Not everyone with ADHD chooses to take medication, and that's totally okay.

    Caroline Kee / Via

    "Not all of us choose to take medication. It’s not a magic cure, and it can have side effects that are worse than symptoms of ADD. I stick to a routine, and can usually find at least some semblance of order in the chaos."


    17. And whether or not you decide to medicate is nobody else's business.

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    "People think that they can tell me whether or not I should medicate. I have had a lot of troubles with side effects from my ADD meds. Because of this, I choose not to medicate anymore. I hate it when people suggest that as a solution when it’s none of their business."


    18. You have the right to deal with your disorder however you want.

    19. ADHD symptoms vary, so it will look different in every individual. / Via

    "I wish people would be more aware that ADD/ADHD is not gender specific and that it presents in so many different ways, many of them subtle and well hidden."


    20. And understanding how the disorder impacts you individually can be crucial to finding the right treatment.

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    "ADHD looks very different in everyone. Know how your symptoms present themselves and educate yourself about coping strategies accordingly! Individualized help makes a world of difference."


    21. It might take us a little longer to get stuff done, but that doesn't mean we're any less capable.

    "Please know people with ADHD are just as capable, but it might take them a little longer to complete things or get organized because they have to work twice as hard to get even the simplest tasks done."


    22. What you have is very real, but it doesn't define you.

    "Understand that what we have is real. But we aren’t broken."


    23. Be an advocate for yourself, and don't give up.

    "Lastly, don’t give up hope. Know how your ADHD/ADD effects you and things you can do to help you be successful. Be an advocate for yourself and educate people on what ADHD/ADD really is. You have a voice just like everyone else on this earth."


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