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27 Gifts For The Medical Nerd In Your Life

Give a gift from all four chambers of your anatomically correct heart.

1. A dainty EKG necklace.

Because every nerd needs a pair of nerdy socks.

Click here to buy them in a variety of sizes and colors from $7.50 to $12.

3. A ~punderful~ lunch bag.

4. A pack of handmade "chill pill" soaps.

5. A beeswax candle with a vintage medical illustration.

6. A T-shirt straight from the heart.

Buy it here in either gray or black for $13.50. Sizes: unisex S–XL.

These rings are made using a 3D-printed model from a radiology scan of an actual person's leg!

Buy them here in a variety of metals starting at $19.95.

8. An edgy nervous system poster.

9. An adorable organ plush toy.

Buy the spleen here (pictured on left) or the uterus here (pictured on right) for $20 each.

Check out the entire plush organ collection here.

Buy it here for $14.95.

11. This sperm-pattern pouch.

12. A pashmina scarf that doubles as a portable eye chart.

13. A set of anatomy prints made from real gold foil.

If you're gifting this to a med student, you might want to remind them to take it off before their neurology exam.

Buy it here for $45.

15. A set of wooden anatomy coasters.

16. A pillow with a colorful abstract lung design.

17. A canvas tote featuring a vintage skull illustration.

18. A tiny sterling silver brain ring.

19. A simple human heart illustration.

20. A bamboo cutting board engraved with a kidney.

21. A lung necklace made from birch wood.

Buy it here for $25.99.

22. A vintage-inspired phrenology watch.

23. A colorful spinal vertebrae watercolor print.

24. A notebook covered in the systems of the human body.

25. A simple anatomical heart throw pillow.

It's guaranteed to make them happy.

Available here in a variety of metals and chain lengths starting at $34.

27. A happy uterus keychain.