29 Gifts That Help Empower Women All Over The World

    Give two gifts at once.

    1. Safari Cell Phone Cases: Tanzania

    Buy here for $28.

    Organization: Kidogo Kidogo, Tanzania.

    Impact: A portion of the sales help buy mobile phones for women in rural Tanzania, where they can be incredibly useful for women to communicate, stay informed, and run businesses.

    2. Cotton and Wood Bangles: Mozambique

    Buy here for $25.

    Organization: Kurandza, Mozambique

    Impact: Profits from the bracelets help fund development projects and allow women, the majority of whom are HIV positive, to work for fair wages which can pay for transport to the hospital, food, and school books and uniforms for their children.

    3. Coiled Newspaper Clock: Philippines

    4. Bracelets For Change: Guatemala

    Buy here in a variety of colors for $15.

    Organization: Kiej de los Bosques, Guatemala

    Impact: The purchase of each bracelet provides a job and income for women in rural Guatemala. A portion of the funds also helps split the cost with a Guatemalan woman to provide clean water, healthy food, and a safe home for her and her family.

    5. Fair Trade Soccer Ball: Afghanistan

    6. Hand-Painted Paper Mâché Dishes: Haiti

    7. Golden Star Necklace and Hoop Earrings: Afghanistan

    Buy the necklace for $56 here and the earrings for $68 here.

    Organization: Aayenda and Future Brilliance, Afghanistan.

    Impact: Sales help provide jobs for over 300 women who are challenging gender norms by working in the traditionally all-male metalsmithing field. Funds also support courses in literacy and entrepreneurship so that women have the leadership and business skills to get and create jobs.

    8. Recycled Tire Wallet: Cambodia

    Buy the wallet here for $25.

    Organization: Friends International, Cambodia.

    Impact: The purchase provides a stable job and income to impoverished Cambodian women, which allows their children to stay in school, away from unprotected labor on the streets.

    9. Serape Scarves: Mexico

    Buy here in a variety of colors for $20-$30.

    Organization: House of Light Goods / Casa de Luz Children's Centre, Primo Tapia, Mexico.

    Impact: Proceeds from the scarves help support impoverished single mothers and children, many of whom are victims of abuse, so that the families can stay together and work towards a new future.

    10. Mini Alpaca Yarn Bunny: Peru

    11. "PUNJAMMIES" Lonuge Pants: India

    Buy here in a variety of patterns and colors from $46.99-$49.99.

    Organization: Sudara, India.

    Impact: PUNJAMMIES™ are made by hundreds of women in India who have escaped human trafficking. Each purchase helps provide a safe and sustainable job, housing, training, and education for these women and their children.

    12. Hand-Beaded Glass and Leather Cuffs: Native Americans

    Buy here in a variety of colors for $168.

    Organization: Etkie, New Mexico, United States.

    Impact: Etkie bracelets are made by talented Native female artisans from underemployed communities in New Mexico, and each purchase helps these women empower themselves financially and socially.

    13. Mosaic Tile Sunrise Earrings: Nepal

    14. Handmade Mosaic Glycerin Soap Bar: El Salvador

    15. Felt Panda Baby Booties: Kyrgyzstan

    16. Blockprint Makeup Bag: East India

    Buy it for $10 here.

    Organization: Women's Interlink Foundation, Kolkata, India.

    Impact: The organization has created opportunities and jobs for victims of social injustice and sexual exploitation. Sales provide an income for these women and children, so they can start saving and rebuilding their lives.

    17. Leather Crossbody Bag: Rwanda

    Buy it here in a variety of colors for $86.

    Organization: Love41 and Africa New Life Ministries, Rwanda.

    Impact: Profits from the bag provide financial support and education to orphans and widows affected by the 1994 Rwandan genocide, which killed over 1 million people.

    18. Natural Dyed Fabric Journals: Burma-Thailand

    Buy a journal here for $20.

    Organization: Borderline, Thailand-Burma Border.

    Impact: Proceeds help provide a safe space and artisan jobs for Burmese refugee women who live in the historically violent Thailand-Burma border region, so they can have an income and better healthcare for their family.

    19. Hand-Stitched Infinity Scarf: South India

    20. Rolled Gold Paper Rod Earrings: Swaziland

    Buy them for $24 here, or and in a variety of colors here.

    Organization: Swaziland Fair Trade (SWIFT), Swaziland.

    Mission: Proceeds help SWIFT provide jobs for 5,000 artisans from Swaziland, where over half the population lives in poverty from a weak economy and extremely high rates of HIV/AIDS. In addition to giving jobs, SWIFT also runs medical and education programs.

    21. Bright Spot Jewelry Roll: Vietnam

    22. Inspi(RED) Corkscrew: Various African Nations

    23. Sea Glass Ombre Candles: Honduras

    Buy them for $24 here.

    Organization: Candelas La Luciérnaga Project / Actions for Popular Development (ADP), Honduras.

    Impact: The organization provides a job and income to women artisans who are victims of abuse, and proceeds also fund the organization's shelter for abused women and their children, home for pregnant women, and a micro-loan program.

    24. Handmade Cotton Beanie: Kenya

    25. Hand Embroidered Clothing: Pakistan

    Buy the skirt for $118 here and the jacket for $232 here, or browse additional clothing items.

    Organization: Raven and Lily, Pakistan.

    Impact: Purchasing these clothes helps Raven and Lily to employ 1500 globally in 9 countries and work with 272 Afghan refugee women. The clothing is also eco-friendly and features traditional Pakistani styles.

    26. Single-Origin Coffee Beans: Nicaragua

    27. Prosperity Candle: United States Refugees

    Buy here in a variety of scents for $45.

    Organization: Prosperity Candle, United States

    Impact: Every candle purchased helps provide training and a fair wages for women who have recently resettled in the United States from refugee camps all over the world.

    28. Thistle Farms Spa Kit: United States

    29. Share Cookbook: Global

    Buy the book for $26.52 on Amazon.

    Organization: Women for Women International — Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan

    Impact: All the profits from this book help women in war-torn countries rebuild their lives through a yearlong social and economic empowerment program. The book features those women's stories and traditional recipes from their countries, as well as recipes from famous chefs.