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14 Green Smoothies For People Who Can Still Taste The Kale

Oh KALE, no.

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Kale haters, rejoice.

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Green smoothies are amazing, especially if you like kale. But if you don't, there's no reason to resentfully gulp it down for the ~health benefits~. There are plenty of leafy green alternatives with tons of nutrients and none of the strong kale taste or grainy texture — so you only taste the good stuff.

These delicious green smoothies are made with whole foods like fruits and veggies, minimal processed ingredients, little or no added sugar, and zero kale.


8. Dandelion Leaf and Pear Smoothie

Dandelion greens are a great alternative to spinach and kale but sometimes they can get a little bitter, so this recipe adds chopped dates and pears to make it naturally sweet and delicious.

Find the recipe here, on The Wishful Chef.

11. Pear, Arugula, and Pine Nut Smoothie

This smoothie is sweet from the pear with a spicy twist from the arugula and ginger. Just make sure you opt for plain greek yogurt and all-natural orange juice with no sugar added!

Get the full recipe here, on Kitchen Konfidence.