Here's Why Your Body Jerks Awake When You're Falling Asleep

    Drifting off in 1... 2... FALLING OFF A CLIFF, WAKE UP BITCH!

    So you're finally drifting off to sleep when suddenly YOU'RE FALLING...but not really.

    It's actually called a "hypnic jerk" or "sleep start," and there are a few theories to explain this bizarre phenomenon.

    Those visuals of falling or tripping? Scientists aren't really sure why those happen either.

    But we do know that hypnic jerks happen as a result of sleep deprivation, stress, or intoxication.

    It's not the same as when you drift off while sitting up and your head bobs up suddenly.

    Hypnic jerks are super common and they won't harm you — but they can contribute to sleep loss.

    And they might even be more annoying to your partner, since hypnic jerks can happen without you knowing.

    If this happens to you basically all the time, try to increase your sleep quantity and quality.

    Or you can just get used to falling off a cliff in your sleep every now and then.