25 Things That Will Make Tall People Say "Nope"

    You say "cropped pants," we hear "Bermuda shorts."

    1. Trying on jeans without having an emotional breakdown.

    2. Moving around in the miniature closet that is an airplane bathroom:

    3. Standing in the front at concerts without feeling the crushing weight of guilt:

    4. Your shoe size being available anywhere, in stores and online.

    5. Participating in limbo or any other crouching-related activity:

    6. Sleeping in any random bed without worrying if you'll fit:

    7. Buying purposefully "cropped" or "ankle" pants.

    8. Sitting comfortably in any bus/plane/train seat.

    9. Shopping online for clothes from a new store.

    10. Showers that actually begin above your head.

    11. The idea that "oversized" or "long" anything will be oversized on you.

    12. Bathroom stalls that you can't awkwardly see over.

    13. That high school rule where your shorts/skirt had to be as long as the length of your arms.

    14. Standing in the front of group photos.

    15. Standing in a group photo without crouching or squatting.

    16. Long-sleeve sweaters and sweatshirts that actually fit your arms.

    17. Dresses STILL being dress-length when you try them on:

    18. Borrowing clothes or shoes from your friends.

    19. Not sticking out like a sore thumb from every other person at any bar, party, social function, etc.

    20. The concept of "hemming" clothes:

    21. Getting through one day without someone commenting on your height:

    22. Wearing heels without people getting annoyed/mad/having ALL the feelings about you wearing heels:

    23. Looking up to speak to someone:

    24. Seeing your entire body reflected in a normal-sized mirror:

    25. Relaxing with your entire body submerged in a bath: