27 Faces Anyone Who's Tried To Eat Healthy Will Recognize

    What is this, a serving size for ants?

    1. When you walk past a display case full of pastries:

    2. When you remember what you planned to eat for dinner and it's mostly leaves:

    3. When you order one of those healthy pressed juices and then you taste it:

    4. When all your friends ask why you can't just cheat a little:

    5. When you pour the actual suggested serving size of cereal into your bowl:

    6. When the cashier at Whole Foods tells you how much your bag of seven items costs:

    7. When you try to enjoy yourself at a party but you know there's buffalo chicken dip in the room:

    8. When you're out enjoying a delicious, healthy dinner and someone at another table gets nachos:

    9. When you try to substitute spaghetti with spaghetti squash:

    10. When you realize you have a jar of Nutella in the back of your cabinet and you are faced with a decision:

    11. When you're just minding your own business and you catch a whiff of fast food:

    12. When you find a piece of old candy at the bottom of your bag:

    13. When you order your burrito in a damn bowl instead of a warm, soft tortilla:

    14. When you pretend to be a badass drinking straight liquor, but really you're crying inside because you gave up soda and this is gross:

    15. When you make it through one week without junk food:

    16. When you buy a bunch of fancy new healthy cooking gadgets but you have no idea WTF you're doing:

    17. When you finally figure out how to make the most delicious salad of all time:

    18. When you bring that delicious AF salad for lunch and all your co-workers get pizza:

    19. When you wake up to the smell of someone cooking bacon:

    20. When you just sit around thinking of a world full of butter, refined sugar, and simple carbs.

    21. When you ask the waiter for a side of broccoli but your heart is screaming mac 'n' cheese:

    22. When someone says they admire how strong and healthy you're being:

    23. When you accidentally snap at someone while in a hangry rage:

    24. When there's a birthday at the office and you walk by the half-eaten cake sitting in the kitchen:

    25. When your friends say they're leaving the bar to go get pizza:

    26. When you finally start to not hate kale and realize healthy eating can be delicious, too: