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23 Cheap and Easy Hacks For the Best Bath Ever

Scrub a dub dub away that stress.

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6. Rest your head on a waterproof bath pillow.

Available for $12.99 on Amazon.


9. Or get this mountable koozie if you prefer a cold beer.

Plus, you can move it higher up on the wall if you want a shower beer instead. Get it for $9.97 on Shakoolie.


15. Stick this waterproof snail speaker on your wall.

Mikhail Averyaskin / Via

This little speaker is adorable and totally waterproof...unlike your phone balancing on the edge of the bathtub. You can get it for $34.99 from On Hand.


16. Get this magical underwater disco light.

Because why the hell not? Buy it for $12.09 on Firebox.


21. Treat yourself to a luxurious milk bath.

So easy, so soothing. Find out how to make your own milk soak on One Good Thing.

22. Or make a spa-like oatmeal and lavender bath.

Three ingredients, so many chill baths. Find out how to make it here, on The Every Girl.