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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    23 Things Every Tall Woman Never Wants To Hear Again

    Tell us how we make you feel tiny one more time.

    1. "I feel tiny standing next to you!"

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    That's really adorable, especially the part where we feel like André the Giant.

    2. *looks at feet* "Wow, you're this tall with flats on!"

    Twitter: @gagadaily

    Yes, our height is in fact 100% natural.

    3. "Wait, you can't be over 6 feet — let's stand back to back." / Via Twitter: @tallgirlstruggs

    No no no no no.

    4. "You definitely don't need to wear heels."

    Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

    Please, tell us more about how our shoe choices affect your life.

    5. "Crouch down for this picture so I don't look as short."

    NBC / Via

    How about a big bowl of NOPE.

    6. "You're tall but not TOO tall."

    Twitter: @John_V_Collins

    Literally what does that even mean?

    7. "I'm like 5'8", so I totally understand."

    E! / Via

    Stay in the 5'9"-and-under lane, please.

    8. "I wish I was as tall as you!"

    ABC / Via

    So you want to constantly hit your head on stuff, never be able to find clothes that fit, and deal with crazy stares and questions about your height every day, too?

    9. "You could be a know, height-wise."

    CBS / Via

    No, just no.

    10. "You shouldn't complain about being tall."

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Well it won't stop until the world changes to fit us, literally.

    11. "I've never been with a tall girl before."

    Fox Atomic / Via

    Make it more obvious, we dare you.

    12. "OMG I come up to your belly button!"

    Twitter: @tallgirlprblem

    We can literally crush you.

    13. "It must be really hard finding a taller man/woman..." / Via

    And who says that's a requirement for us to be happy?

    14. "That skirt/dress is so short on you."

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Nah, our legs are just too long for the world to handle.

    15. "It must be so hard finding clothes that fit!"

    Bravo / Via

    Our constantly exposed ankles agree. Just look at them right now.

    16. "Do you like being a tall woman?"

    HBO / Via

    Do you like making things awkward?

    17. "I want your legs."

    "I want your legs" "Please give them to me" Me: okay let me just saw them off for you

    Not sure how that would even work, but let's just chop them off and we'll see!

    18. "All my exes were under 5-foot-3..."

    Twitter: @TallGiirlProbz

    Probably better to leave that detail out.

    19. "I have a huge thing for tall girls." / Via Twitter: @HaritaAnna

    We have a thing for people who don't reduce us to our height.

    20. "Could you grab that for me?"

    NBC / Via

    It's way more fun to sit back and watch the struggle.

    21. "You must've played basketball or volleyball..."

    Bravo / Via Twitter: @tallgirlprblem

    Tall ≠ coordinated.

    22. "Can you stand in the back? You're blocking my view." / Via

    Why must we always be banished to the last row?

    23. "How tall are you?"

    ABC / Via

    Ask us one more time.

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