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Posted on Dec 24, 2015

18 Things That Happen When You're Way Younger Than Your Siblings

See ya over at the kids table.

1. Getting called "the baby" even though you are old enough to have multiple babies.

YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP / Getty Images / Via

2. Everyone somehow being completely shocked that you're grown up. Every. Single. Year.

3. Relatives still kinda thinking you're in high school when you've been out of college for several years.

Food Network / Via Twitter: @elijahpwnz

4. Sitting at the kids table when you're 24.

New Line Cinema / Via Twitter: @BradHeaton

Even though the kids table is actually where it's at.

5. Still feeling like you are breaking the law when you (legally) drink alcohol around your family.

6. And finally being able to get drunk with your siblings...right when they've decided to turn into responsible adults/parents.

7. Always feeling a little left out when nobody your age is around.

Lorimar Telepictures / Via

8. Feeling too young to hang with the adults and too old to hang with the kids... so you hang with the dog.

Reddit user an_ennul / / Via

9. Being the only adult who isn't married yet.

Reddit user wtfishappeninnn / / Via

10. Getting called by every one of your older siblings' names before your own.

Twitter: @zendaya / Via @Zendaya

11. Your parents having two modes: when you're their favorite child or when they basically forget you're their child.

12. Nobody else ~getting~ your youthful clothing/music/style tastes.

Logo / Via

13. Going through old family photos and realizing your siblings definitely used you as a toy.

14. Having your older siblings STILL gang up on you.

15. Everyone bringing up embarrassing shit you did as a toddler because they were old enough to remember. / Via Facebook: gina.g.brown.18

16. People joking that you were an accident.

17. Still feeling slight resentment and jealousy from your siblings for taking attention away from them.

18. But also knowing that they'll always take care of you because they love you to pieces.

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