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Who To Follow To Stay In The Know In The QC

Hey Guys! This week I thought it would be a good idea to tell you who I follow to get information on events happening in Charlotte and also all stories Charlotte!

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The Charlotte Agenda

This is a local news media company. They have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which is updated daily with all things Charlotte. They have on their website a tab for food and drink, real estate, business, parenting, jobs, events and homes. What more could you ask for?! Every story they upload is so interesting to the city I live in that it is hard not to click and read about it.

Offline- Charlotte

Offline is a fabulous app I found a couple months back. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS ON YOUR PHONE! This app literally has a calendar for each month on all the events happening in Charlotte. They also have a tab called the "weekender" and it is great to look at for all things Thursday-Sunday. This app is perfect for last minuet plans or if you are trying to figure out a good weekend for a guest to come visit. You can also save events and check off when you have attended on. This is such a great online community to be apart of!

Charlotte Stories

This is a great website that has all stories pertaining to Charlotte. It is a great way to stay updated on all things happening in Charlotte. These stories are not just the ones you will hear on the local news they are so many different story topics that there is a story for everyone! They have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Youtube so it is easy to stay connected.

These are just a few of the pages I think are crucial to staying in touch with the city. Feel free to share who you follow be sure to look at these pages. Have a great week!

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